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Hello, 👋 my name is Emma.

I was born in Moscow Russia and adopted at the age of 1. I have lived on the Upper West Side of New York City, ever since. 

I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for graphic design. During my associates, my father passed away suddenly. With that life event, I had lost a spark. Once I graduated, I moved into hospitality to start working and gain hands-on experience.


In the meantime, I started my own freelance business on the side for 10 years doing graphic design, building websites, and in the past 2 years diving into mobile and native applications. I closed my business in 2020 to focus on my career and designer growth.


I grew my career from the ground up in hospitality and was a manager of multi-unit locations for the past 5 years. 

I have been problem-solving on the spot for multiple users daily and have calculated employee experiences to the customer's journey on the floor. While managing businesses, analyzing budgets, I always worked on my design chops by building out systems, designing materials,  better business goals, and the user's experience.

Prefer video? You can learn more about my transition on CNBC Make It 

Why Product Design?
It gives me the opportunity to combine my insights, curiosity, knowledge, and journey with my love for visual design. I can use my empathy from my years in hospitality to make a bigger impact on the world and businesses.


What makes me a great Product/UX Designer?

  • Effective communication on cross-functional teams

  • Positive adaptability

  • Impeccable empathy

  • User-focused

  • Business-minded


What am I up to:

Working as a product designer at a start-up company called TESTD. Helping small businesses and non-profits when and where I can with my skills. When I am not busy designing I am...


Confidence Code.


Most recent: DW Documentary

When I don't have a series I love documentaries or a good mystery.

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Emma Sadler
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