More About Me

Perfect would make for an extremely boring story.
I was raised in the Big Apple all my life but was adopted at the age of 1. I am a kinesthetic learner followed by a visual one which keeps me hands on and active in learning softwares and new designs.
After my fathers death I had lost a spark and moved into hospitality to start working and to touch people's live with a purpose. I started my own freelance business on the side for 10 years.


I grew my career from the ground up so that as a manager so I would have a true understanding for people who I would coach while keeping business goals in mind. Fine tuning my design, communication and business skills along the way.

Fast forward and I have been problem solving on the spot for multiple users daily and have calculated employee experiences to the customers journey on the floor. While managing businesses, analyzing budgets, I always worked on my design chops by building out systems to designing materials to better business goals and the users experience.

Why Product Design?
It gives me the opportunity to combine my insights, curiosity, knowledge and journey with my love for visual design. I can use my empathy from my year in hospitality to make a bigger impact on the world and businesses.


What makes me a great Product/UX Designer?

  • Effective communication on cross-functional teams

  • Positive adaptability

  • Impeccable empathy

  • User focused

  • Business minded


What am I up to:

Work as a product designer at a start-up company called TESTD. Helping small business and non-profits when and where I can with my skills. When I am not busy designing I am...


I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi. A book about personal finances and investing.


Most recent: Queens Gambit
Currently working on: Down to Earth

When I don't have a series I love documentaries or a good mystery.