More About Me 👋

Hello, my name is Emma.

I was born in Moscow, Russia, and adopted at the age of 1. I have lived in New York City ever since, guess we could say I am pretty close to a native. 

I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for graphic design, built my own company, and worked in hospitality for 7 years before moving full time into tech.

Why Product Design?
It gives me the opportunity to combine my insights, curiosity, knowledge, and journey with my love for visual design. I can use my empathy from my years in hospitality to make a bigger impact on the world and businesses.


What makes me a great Product/UX Designer?

  • Effective communication on cross-functional teams

  • Positive adaptability

  • Impeccable empathy

  • User-focused

  • Business-minded


What am I up to:

Working as a product designer at a company called Lunchbox. Helping small businesses and non-profits when and where I can with my skills. When I am not busy designing: I am reading, spending time with my daughter or crafting something with my hands.

Prefer video? You can learn more about my transition on CNBC Make It 

Hospitality Empathy

After 5 years managing teams in hospitality, I continue to keep my foot in the industry as a part-time bartender/server at a rooftop bar.

Must Love Dogs

I have rescued dogs and grown up with them all my life. Currently, Edgar, a terrier mix from the Humane Society, is our furry family member.

Sweet Tooth

As an ex-pastry sous chef at The Writing Room, I always leave room for dessert. I studied at ICE in NYC, gaining a diploma in pasty + baking. This started my hospitality career.

Explore the Stars

I have been curious all my life about astrology, sociology, and psychology. When I am not busy you can find me watching a documentary to unwind.

Child Performer

I have embraced the city to its fullest and was a child performer. I danced with the NYCB for 5 years, was on off-broadway, and sang with NYCO. These experiences helped shape me today.

Arts & Crafts

Beyond the digital world of UX/UI; ever since I was little I loved to build with my hands. In 2019, I won 2nd place at New York Comic Con for a Rocket Raccoon costume I made from scratch. Moving jaw and all!

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Emma Sadler
New York, NY

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