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24 hour hack-a-thon winner


Interaction Designer

team of 8

Collaboration with Adidas

24 hour hack-a-thon. Developed the mobile prototype and responsive web mock-ups which, were handed off to our team of web developers.

Problem Space

With the global pandemic affecting consumer behaviors, online shopping has become the forefront for retailers. This provides a challenge for Adidas to provide their customers with a similar in-store experience on a digital platform.

Adidas shared with us their sustainability incentives which are a big part of the company these days. 


The design + digital marketing team began ideating and brainstorming with blue sky thinking to attack our problem space.

We considered the 6 themes in our brief (sustainability, discovery, digital retail experience, health & safety, accessibility and business), and looked for ideas and innovations that overlapped multiple themes.

Discover + Research

define the problem


• Use Adidas' existing brand
• Manage a team of 8, across 4 departments
• Look into current and future technologies
• Produce a solution and presentation in under 24 hours


Interaction, UI, and UX Design

Project Overview

How might we increase digital apparel sales
by utilizing current and future digital trends so that our brand can become a pioneer in digital retail technology in the COVID-19 era.

“Adidas target market falls within the 20- to a 29-year-old age group who are athletes or are passionate about sports and this segment is considered as the strongest consumer market.”

Primary Research

Data from a provided set which, our teams 2 data scientists pulled from and UX secondary research

Analyze + Define

Interpretation and alignment of findings to project objective


Avenir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Shoe sales are good.
Apparel could use a boost

Online cart activity for Adidas peaks around 5pm

Brick & Mortar stores are reducing in the past 4 years


Apparel is harder to know how it’ll fit opposed to shoes

Out of sight out of mind (other product categories while shopping)

Reduced need for physical stores with rise of technology and health concerns


Provide in-store experience digitally

Increase transparency of company’s actions in sustainability.

Out of sight out of mind (other product categories while shopping)

We started to build an inspiration board which lead to some sketches. We opted for a responsive web to showcase for the developers and a mobile interaction to demonstrate the app. 

With less than 24 hours I immediately started hi-fi mockups after sketches and an interactive mobile experience

Ideate + Prototype

VR/AR Inspiration

Prototype Version 1

We built a marketing website to showcase our digital solution after discussion of time constraints with the web developers. Small adjustments were made going into version 2.

Sustainability Inspiration

Prototype Version 2

Main focus was adjusting the middle section showcasing the features.To add to the brand value and mission we added Adidas creators club of the month.

Key Learnings

In just 24 hours you can push boundaries more than you think. As a UX designer we learned to be more concise when asking for data to help solve the problem we were looking at.


Always stay in communication with your developers. Once we had an idea before making a high fidelity mock-up we talked with the engineers to ensure what we were looking at could be coded. 

Next Steps

Build + Deploy, Measure + Learn

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