UI Design

Below are a handful of projects and UI challenges. View even more on Dribble


for blueprint a freelance platform for architects.

Wallet Design

a concept design with interactions for a card wallet 

Figo Friend

responsive marketing website


concept design for an elementary and middle school digital calculator.
Inspired by: texture trend

I discovered calculators many times are very complex even for simple math, like those in grade school. So I decided to make a simpler, yet customizable, calculator 


SweetDash is a delivery service for pastries and treats to your door. Restaurants need delivery more than ever during Covid-19 and to generate other streams of revenue. Desserts need to be packaged and handled different from regular take-out hence SweetDash to the rescue.

Youtube Redesign

a concept redesign for Youtube's mobile creators profile

Home Controls

mobile app design for wifi connected house setting controls


404 page design

Music Player

concept design for a mobile music player interface

360 Adobe XD

concept kitchen AR design using Adobe XD's 360 feature

World Wildlife Fund

concept design for interactive sharing of endangered species and how to help

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