Using the power of brand.

Product and Interaction Designer
team of 3:
2 engineers, 1 PM, and 1 designer
Building a real-time page to share with the world. Allowing restaurants and die-hard supporters to see results. 

Understanding the brand

Setting up the window display

Lunchbox has a few concepts when it comes to design.
During the build of this project I also ensured setting up a design library for building consumer facing branded sites.

Who is Lunchbox?

• Bold and in your face
• Inspired by old school tattoos
• Sidekick to helping resturants to survive
• #cancelgrubhub

Understanding the problem to solve

Defining the need


To help bring more awareness to the brand.
The savings counter great for clients to view and a milestone counter for the company.
We wanted to add another layer of interactivity as well as showcasing the reach of Lunchbox.


Potential clients as well as awareness for those who want to support the hospitality industry.

Time to put it all together

It's Alive!

View the Website Here

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