Parent Pod

Parent Pod is an ios app that helps single parents find affordable sitters and local single parents.

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concept design





• Native app

• 10 weeks for MVP

• Cultural conditioning
"Something that is cheaper isn't as good."
• Racism
64% of single parents are African American
24% are White

40% consider themselves 2 or more races
based on Pew Research


• for single parents to connect with other local single parents and caregivers for support.


• for single parents to be able to find more affordable child care.


UX Research, Design Strategy, UX/UI Design


Figma, Sketch, InVision, Whimsical, Adobe Illustrator

Project Overview


 custodial parents are mothers

US Census Bureau 


average income for a female worker in the USA

Bureau of labor statics

over 50%

will be spent on child care

Secondary Research

households are those of a single parent in the USA.
according to the US Census Bureau 

13.6 million

Analyze + Define

synthesizing the data to project objectives


Personas are archetypical users whose goals and characteristics represent the needs of a larger group of users. By using personas, one can always reference and keep the users in mind. It also helps keep a story line coherent while designing.

Carmen Armos

Age: 32

Carmen is a single mother. Carmen works in marketing.

She lives near her mother and her sister. They have a good relationship but her family isn’t the most willing when it comes to watching Lilly. While Carmen has her daughter in a local school, she has struggled to find any affordable local babysitters for her daughter. 

Her job requires many important business dinners through out the year.

Susan Williams

Age: 38

She is divorced and the full time parent of her 7 year old son, Max.
She doesn’t live near any extended family. Max goes to school and hasn’t really made any friends yet. Susan is a big budgeter and she has noticed babysitters are very expensive. She would love to go on a date, even if just every few months but struggles to find a babysitter she trusts who wont break the bank. 

Ideate + Prototype

Wire framing, prototyping and testing

It took 3 iterations to get top the final design. Through iterative user testing I improved my product each time.
Sketches were done in Procreate.

Discover + Research

investigate the problem space

Primary Research

3 remote interviews and 20 google form responses later...

Confirmed many had 1 kid and wanted environments of socialization.

Many are ios users, which gave data on the native app to design first.

40% only lived near a few extended family. Child care is still in demand.


Affordable childcare is difficult to find especially for a woman whose finances are already stretched thin.


Single parents want to connect with other single parents.


Single parents want more events where they can be adults but also where their kids can socialize. 

Research Themes

I chose colors based on the words for the mood board. I pulled colors out of the mood board in InVision and tested them out. But I struggled to find a balance as I wanted the app to be gender neutral.

Brand Color Breakdown

I turned to illustrations that I felt evoked the feeling I was looking for and pulled from those colors. I added tint and saturation, and started to make new color palettes to test.

I opted for the blues and yellows based on my deeper psychology analysis mixed with peer feedback. The yellow adds a pop of warmth and color while blue is a calm and trusting color. Perfect for the apps intention.

From brainstorming to the final work mark utilizing peer feedback.


Logo/Wordmark Ideation


to help validate my secondary research I decided to do a survey to validate or discredit assumptions with my primary research and interviews.

Single parents struggle to find childcare


Most single parents don’t live with extended family

Most single parents struggle with childcare costs

Single parents are discriminated against by landlords


Single parents want to find roommates to help lessen the burden of finances


Single parents struggle to find a place to live

How might we support single parents with affordable supplementary child-care

Measures of success

• retention of users as they continue to connect, look for events and/ or become sitters


• sign up rate stays steady as new single parents look for affordable child care


I designed a responsive marketing website to excite the users about the product by highlighting the values the product has to offer. The tone of voice was friendly and straightforward. 

Started with mobile A/B testing for the marketing site.

I did a final round of feedback and gathered all my information into an iteration matrix to better see the tasks at hand.

I wanted to push my skills and try a parallax scrolling in Figma. Due to time constraints and my matrix it was only produced on the mobile app. Ideally it would also get implemented on the desktop version too.

Final Marketing Website

We all know having an app work for multiple platforms is a must these days. Since my primary persona is a busy working mom, I felt the Apple Watch would be a good fit. I wanted to explore the Apple Watch due to the adaptability to Siri and VUI which must be taken into consideration.

This was a quick 2 hour iteration to get ideas.

Multidevice Exploration

Applying design thinking principles allows me to follow a journey to understand a problem space deeper and explore a wide range of methods to deliver a solution. Making design not only pleasing to the eye but with a higher purpose and function in mind.

Furthermore, I learn that every decision has to be reasonable and rationale. Always asking "why" to every choice. UX / UI design is not just designing a beautiful product but also building a design solution based on the user empathy. Every decision and process has to be done with thinking of the end users and their experience with the product.

Lastly, I learned to never never marry an idea. Through user testings, I realize that sometimes I think specific designs or ideas will help the users, but users believe differently, and using it to re-guide me to choose the best solution for the users.

Key Learnings

Market Research

I examined the current market for sitter and caregiver apps. I also looked at a community app since the app would be based on the community and geo location.

Care is an all inclusive online portal for care.


The idea for, a site that provides all kinds of on-demand services from health care to child care.
Lirio Marcelo, was searching for a caregiver for her father, who had suffered a heart attack. When nothing showed up online, she knew her site could fill the gap in the market.

Next Door is a hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods. It is a social network for neighbors to share locally relevant information and connect with their neighbors


“We were a tight-knit, ambitious group of co-founders who believed deeply in the power of community and dedicated ourselves to helping neighbors everywhere create stronger, safer, happier places to call home”

Sittercity  is an American online marketplace for families, individuals and corporate employees wishing to hire local in-home care.

Similar to in many aspects the cost of background checks on Sittercity is way more reasonable than


“Sittercity's mission is to make child care finally work”

It is clear by their name they decided to put a focus on childcare.

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