"About" with dog drawing done by Emma
Picture of Emma
Image of Good Behavior Bar

Hospitality Empathy

I have worked in the food and beverage industry for 7+ years. 5 years I managed teams up to 40 people. Wrapping up my career managing for Danny Myers at the MOMA in NYC.

"I long believe I learned more in the kitchen and dining room then I ever did college." -Anthony Bourdain.
Image of Young Emma

Arts & Crafts

Beyond the digital world of UX/UI; ever since I was little, I loved to build with my hands.

In 2019, I won 2nd place at New York Comic Con for a Rocket Raccoon costume I made from scratch. Moving jaw and all!
Image of Emma's dog

Must Love Dogs

All my life I have grown up around dogs. Every single canine we have brought into our home has been a rescue. Meet Edgar, pictured above.

I believe in second chances.
Image of a pastry Emma made

Sucker for Sweets

As an ex-pastry sous chef at The Writing Room and Inatesso Cafe. I always leave room for dessert.

I studied at ICE in NYC, gaining a diploma in pasty + baking. This was the kick-start to my hospitality career.
Picture of Emma in The Nutcracker

Child Performer

I have embraced the city to its fullest and took advantage of the arts being child performer.
I danced with the NYCB (New York City Ballet) for 5 years, was on off-broadway, and sang with NYCO (New York City Opera).

These experiences helped shape my discipline that I have carried through out my life and career.
Picture of Emma making moon art with Oreos

It's in the Stars

I have been curious all my life about business, economics, sociology, and psychology to name a  few.

When I am not busy you can find me watching a documentary to unwind.

One of my go-to's is DW Documentary on Youtube.

My story told on CNBC Make It (2020)

Why Product Design?
It gives me the opportunity to combine my insights, curiosity, knowledge, and journey with my love for visual design.
I get to use my empathy from years in hospitality to make a bigger impact on the world and businesses.​

What makes me a great Product/UX Designer?
Effective communication on cross-functional teams. Positive adaptability, impeccable empathy, user-focused, and business-minded ​

What am I up to:
Working as a product designer at a company called Lunchbox.
Helping small businesses and non-profits when and where I can with my skills.
Mentoring those just breaking into product design.

When I am not busy designing: I am reading, spending time with my daughter, drawing, or crafting something with my hands.​