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A product designer focused on building scalable design systems, rockstar design teams, and creative interactions for better digital and non-digital solutions.

Fueled by hospitality, human stories, and coffee.

Previously at:
Starr Restaurants

"You found Lunchbox a city of bricks and left it a city of marble! I can't express in a single comment how dedicated, eager and talented Emma is to her craft, and how she has helped change the design process of an entire org."

Thomas Cranstoun
Creative Director at Lunchbox

I love sharing my journey and knowledge.

I take on speaking gigs whenever I can. I am an industry mentor with BrainStation and speak online plus in their NYC location on career-changing and UX/UI design. Currently, I am doing talks on career-changing to product design.

Want me to talk about something else? Leave a comment in the notes section.

Some of the showbill:

Want Emma to speak at an upcoming event? Feel free to fill out the form below 👇
Want Emma to speak at an upcoming event? Feel free to fill out the form below
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Lunchbox Savings

A discovery and design add on to Lunchbox's live page. Showcasing highlights of what Lunchbox does for restaurant owners and consumers.

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Building a Language

Building design systems and libraries are a key to better design, communication and a companies success.

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Lunchbox Ecosystem

A new product for optimizing Lunchbox's brand and clients. Bringing Lunchbox to the consumers.

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Figo Friend mocks

Figo Friend

A group project with BrainStation in partnership with ScotiaBank. Figo Friend is a digital saving experience to help young professionals prepare for unexpected expenses.

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