Building an Ecosystem

Visual & UX/UI Design
Interaction Design
Project Management

The ecosystem

I worked with a cross-functional team to work on building the start of an ecosystem for Lunchbox. This was a new product concept that Lunchbox did not have. The goal was to make it easy for consumers to order from restaurants that Lunchbox launched. Lunchbox works with restaurants to offer in-house online ordering. They have built a brand that has a lot of traction but when it comes to consumers trying to find restaurants to support, it was a ghost town.

Facing the Challenge

I worked on a new concept of utilizing a search to surface all the restaurants in the Lunchbox ecosystem. This was also expanded into the ideation for an application where consumers could also rack up loyalty and other perks for ordering 1st party. In preparation to develop the new product, my team did competitor research to better examine consumer behaviors.


To allow consumers and fans to take part in the Lunchbox mission.
While the paying clients are restaurants which Lunchbox builds an online ordering platform for, Lunchbox as a brand and mission had gained a lot of traction.


Consumers who like to order in and try new restruants. It could also be used as a value proposition for future clients.


The above screens showcase 3 ideas that were presented for the landing page. This page could be accessed by the general public. Lunchbox is bold and ridged but explored the phrase "making waves" in the design. Blank areas were left to collaborate with marketing to showcase the business proposition of Lunchbox.

Going Beyond

The web search was just the start of branching out to consumers through the Lunchbox brand. We also worked on building a Lunchbox app that would not only house the ability to search and order from restaurants directly but also allow users to accrue Lunchbox loyalty.