Using the Power of Brand

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Interaction Design

Product and Interaction Designer
team of 4
Lunchbox is a digital one-stop solution for restaurants and food tech. With several projects and big goals, it was important to build a design and coding language. Turn around times for products were still not quick enough due to inaccuracies in coding to design.

Introducing a branded experience.

I worked with a small cross-functional team to develop an add-on fold to the current live counter. The goal was to make it easy for consumers to understand where they could support and experience Lunchbox firsthand. Using Google maps with an overlay allowed us to showcase an interactive, branded, and geo-locational experience. This project was part of the innovation team—innovating on ways to push the boundaries at Lunchbox.  

Who is Lunchbox

Lunchbox branding

Lunchbox has a few concepts when it comes to design. During the build of this project, I also ensured setting up a design library for building consumer-facing, branded sites.

• Bold and in your face
• Inspired by old school tattoos
• Sidekick to helping resturants to survive
• #cancelgrubhub

Understanding the opportunity


To help bring more awareness to the brand.
The savings counter is great for clients to view and a milestone counter for the company. We wanted to add another layer of interactivity as well as showcase the reach of Lunchbox. 


Potential clients as well as awareness for those who want to support their local restaurants.

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