I am guessing you are here because...You have the desire to make a HUGE impact and have already invested an TON in yourself.
But you’re feeling stressed the F**K 🤯 out by where to start and how to get on the road you see for yourself. You know deep down that you are meant to be in this industry and just need that chance, but no one is listening…and you are tired of feeling alone.

You’ve watched so many YouTube videos to count.
You’ve listened to just as many Podcasts and followed all the industry leads on LinkedIn.
But you just don’t know how to implement everything you’re hearing…you just can’t seem to get it right. And, you’re starting to think… Maybe I just don’t have what it takes.

Sound familar?

I know, I have been there.

When I started my journey into UX/UI design it was incredibly lonely and confusing. There are many great mentors out there but they were one-off connections. No one to guide you through, like the bootcamp/school did to learn the skills. I wanted to offer guidance to those who wanted something different, like I did.


Let me be your personal cheerleader and coach. I will go deep with you on goal setting, your portoflio, networking and more.


"Emma has been really great in helping keep me motivated through my career transition journey and providing me with great resources and advice throughout. Having community calls and connecting with other tech passionate humans in the same boat as me has been amazing as well."

Matei A.
Engineer -> UX/UI designer

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