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Using the Power of AI for Budgeting.

UX/UI Design
Interaction Design

iPhones with a design for Figo Friend, a banking app for Scotiabank
Product and Interaction Designer
team of 4 from BrainStation
A 4-day design sprint in partnership with Scotiabank.
Figo Friend is a digital saving experience leveraging AI to help young professionals prepare for unexpected expenses.

Understanding the brand

Visual constraints

Scoitabank already had colors they wanted used for the application.
Scoitabank is a renowned bank based in Canada. This country is very strict when it comes to WCAG, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and we had to meet AA+ compliance in our product.

Constraints are a girls best friend

UX constraints

• Must prioritize signing up over signing in
• Must be easily linked to banks website where checking, savings and credit cards reside.
• WCAG standards pass AA+
• Follow color guide
Native application

Defining the research

Secondary Research

After the brief, we began to do research about the problem space.
average amount of student loan debt in North America​
average amount of debt owed by Millennials on credit cards​
of Millennials that view financial success as not having any debt

BNN Bloomberg l CNBC l Business Insider l Business Insider l Smile & Conquer l CNBC

Who is the User?

22-30 years old who are in debt.
Why 22-30? Typically this age range is burden with school loans as well as starting to navigate life as an adult. This comes with challenges such as building credit.

Key Insights from interviews

interviewed 12 people to gain qualitative research

Young Professionals are more focused on career goals and making more money then planning for milestones.

Young Professionals trusted friends and family more than banks for advice

Very few used financial planning apps to help

Financials were most stressful during major unexpected purchases

Understanding which task to focus on

Setting goals given income and expenses

​​Forecasting future financial expenses

Holding funds for emergency expenses

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Time to put it all together


Figo friend sketches
We decided to use a chatbot to build trust with the user, since we found that young professionals are less likely to trust banks. A chatbot implies the user is chatting with their friend.
We included a savings goal to encourage planning, since we found that young professionals weren’t thinking about long-term expenses.
We also included a visual map to make the future more tangible and immediate, because young professionals were often surprised by major expenses.


sketches for Figo Friend ap

User Feedback

Goal Setting
AI Chatbot Form
AI Reccomendation
Goal Visualization